Mwanza Polytechnic Institute & Teachers’ College

Mwanza Polytechnic Institute is the tertiary training institution.The history of its establishment date back to year 2003,it is started by the board of trustee named The Registered Trustee of Community Agency of Tanzania(COATA).

The institute started as the Adult education by the name of Maswa Education Center(MAEC). 2005 under the leadership of the Trustee Community Agency of Tanzania,Ng’wanza secondary School registered by the Ministry of Education issued Reg No. S.2350

2011-June: Become Ng’wanza Techers College Registered by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. The College authorized to train diploma and certificate in primary school teaching(GRADE III A).

31/01/2013 Mwanza polytechnic Institute Registered by the NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR TECHNICAL EDUCATION (NACTE),it was officially registered as the National Technical Institution offering Diploma and Certificates in the area of Early Childhood Education, Management and Administration ,procurement and supply, Journalism , Information Technology and Law.